Taro YAMAMOTO 山本太郎様 ~ Going The Distance Part 5 – Death Threats

Tokyo November 7th, 2013

参院、山本太郎氏の処分を確認 8日に具体案 by  47news




Source; 47news

Latest developments by Takahiro Katsumi

“In his attempt to deliver the letter directly to H.I.M. The Emperor at the Autumn Garden Party in the Imperial Palace held October 31, Sen. Taro Yamamoto bowed down deeply in a 90-degrees angle, expressing his utmost respect to His Imperial Majesty. This bow, called “hai” in Japanese is seldom seen in public places and only applicable in the Shinto Shrines in the presence of the Gods or in divine ceremonies.”



“Despite Sen. Yamamoto’s sincere attitude towards his Majesty, the Upper House is scheduled to rule on their decision on Nov 8 to penalize Sen. Yamamoto by forcing him to refrain from attending Imperial Household events. This was requested by the LDP and opposition majority in an extraordinary fashion disregarding the established rules and norms in the National Diet.”

“According to Kyodo, the LDP retracted their proposal to penalize Sen. Yamamoto by banning him from attending further Imperial Household events due to some opposition within the LDP telling the party officials that the penalty is TOO WEAK. The LDP is to re-propose a strengthened version of their proposal by morning of 11/8. What more can they propose except expulsion? ”



“Rules”, “protocols” or “constitution”. The LDP and the far right wing nuts did not seem to mind all of the above, as they saw nothing wrong in using other members of the Japanese Royal Family to help Tokyo secure the 2020 Olympic bid. This clearly violated all of the above. This was “Unconstitutional” 150%!

So what gives?

The following video is Taro san explaining his actions to the media. You can hear in his voice that he is saddened, tired and disoriented. He is saddened that he has “bothered” the Emperor. But it is the media at the service of the LDP that caused such an ordeal. Everyone is going against him while everyone should be supporting him for speaking out the truth. Despite all this non sense, Taro won’t budge and his stance on Fukushima remains unbreakable; Protect the children and the people of Fukushima.

note; you will also notice at the end of this video, “right wing ” lunatics wasting their time, demanding for Taro’s head.

While being spit on by more than half of the nation and after numerous nasty (vicious) attacks from various political parties, Taro san stood strong, facing a shark infested house of councilors.


Taro’s First Deliberation in front of House of Councilors

We are all so proud of Senator Yamamoto. The world is now watching him. He held his own like a true champion during his first deliberation. Taro san was extremely confident and at times, he’d be so anxious to reply that he forgot to raise his hand before being allowed to continue (don’t worry for some of you, he apologized) . A rookie, yes! And I loved it. So much conviction, so much knowledge, so much determination. All the people in front of him could only debate and reply to him from their outdated pro nuke text books. By the second hand rise, Taro san dropped his notes and started to rip it to them.

Overall a great start for him. He raised important issues; increasing children sickness, talking about Strontium 90, the Olympics and the newly passed Secrecy bill. Taro san went as far as calling for ALL children in the entire nation to have blood tests etc ….

The power at hands are doing their utmost to destroy Taro san’s political career. The obvious reasons would be that Taro san is not afraid of telling the truth and exposing the serious lack of preventive measures and unwillingness  to protect victims of Fukushima. Taro san bothers the LDP plans to drive the entire country into some kind of national hypnotic state; “the COOL NEW JAPAN”, as they call it! Taro will have none of it because HE IS “the new Cool Japan”, not Abe san.

Ladies and Gentlemen; Japan has a new voice! And it is getting louder !!!



The letter apparently remains unread as it was passed quickly onto to Grand Chamberlain, who was accompanying the Emperor and Empress as they met some of the 2,140 guests in attendance at the biannual event.

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Young Taro Yamamoto 

Taro Yamamoto seems always to have followed his own, sometimes reckless, sense of personal morality and appropriateness. An article in the Japan Times earlier this year, profiling his burgeoning political ambitions, showed how his belief in social responsibly was instilled in him at a young age by a strong mother who would force him to donate a percentage of his New Year Money (Otoshidama) to good causes and regularly take him and his sisters away to The Philippines or elsewhere to work with the poor. In the same article he is aware that his celebrity also gives incredible weight to the message and is something he can use to embolden the anti-nuclear agenda, saying: “I really need to do acting work as well, so I can stay in the public eye and continue drawing attention to nuclear issues.”


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