Taro YAMAMOTO 山本太郎様 ~ Going The Distance Part 4 – My letter of support


I have sent a letter to Senator Yamamoto on behalf of our entire team. We support him 110%. Thank you Taro san for all you do!

たとえ討たれるといえども、敵に向かって死すべしと思う   島津義弘
私の妻は日本人で、あなたの行動を目にした時、涙を浮かべていました。 彼女はあなたの事を大変誇りに思っており、そして多くの日本人の方々もそう思っていらっしゃいます。
私達はもしあなたがあの手紙を天皇陛下にお送りしていらっしゃったら、 天皇陛下はきっとお読みになる機会が無かったと思っております。あなたの声を天皇陛下にお聞きして頂く事は大変重要な事だったと受け止めております。
こ の様な緊迫した原発事故の影響がなお断続しているにもかかわらず、福島の子供達の健康を守る事が全くなされていない状況の中で、あなたのお取りになっ た’’振る舞い” について問う方々は全く的違いだと思います。 あなたが天皇陛下に手紙を通じて知って頂きたかった現状の恐ろしい真実よりも、多くの人が、あなたが天皇陛下にお手紙をお渡しなさった事について関心を持っているという事は、現代の日本において、非常に悲しい事態だと思っております。
並ならぬ状況の中では並ならぬ措置が要求されます。 あなたは、しなくてはならない事をなさったと思っております。
あなたは初日から勇猛な福島の方々の保護を求め、勇猛に戦っていらっしゃると思っております。 その時からあなたは勇ましく、勇気があり、且つ重要な功績を成し遂げていらっしゃいます。
自由民主等、公明等を含む政治家はあなたの行動に対して悪口をいったりする事でしょう。 彼らはすでにあなたを罵ったり、政治的な意図を天皇陛下に求めようとしたなどと、批判している事でしょう。
誰も耳にしようとしていなかったので、あなたは映画を作り、そしてその効果があったのです。  正しい手段を御取りになられました。沢山の忠実な応援者から構成されているコミュニティーの代わりに、私は深い敬意と感謝の意を示したく思っております。








あなたはこの戦いに勝ちます、それは失敗は 選択肢にないという事を御存知だからです。




シュルジョン ネル ソン と 何千もの応援者より、”



“Dear Yamamoto san

I wanted to take the opportunity to salute you and to offer my unconditional support for your brave action at the Garden Party. What you have done is nothing short of admirable and we are in the thousands spreading your bravery on all social networks. My Japanese wife alone had tears in her eyes when she saw your picture with the Emperor. She is so proud of you and so many Japanese are too. You did make a lot of enemies, however, you have also as many supporters. We all know that if you had mailed that letter to Emperor Akihito, he would have probably never read it. It was important that your words be heard by the Emperor. As to breaking “protocols” or “rules”, they are all so irrelevant when applied to such a dire situation; nothing is being done to protect the children of Fukushima. It is very sad that so many care more about you giving the letter to the Emperor than the actual frightening truth you wished to share in that letter with him.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

You have done what needed to be done. You have fought to seek protection for the brave people of Fukushima since day 1. What you have accomplished since is incredibly brave and courageous … and important. In the next coming days, many politicians (LDP) but also including Komeito and the Communist party will try to make you feel as if you did something wrong. They have probably started to call you many names and accused you of bringing political issues to the Emperor. However, the issues are not political, they are humanitarian. No one was listening, so you made a move; and it worked. You made the right call.

On behalf of a very large community of loyal supporters, I want to express my profound admiration and gratitude. I am not sure how to help you on this matter, but if there are anything we can help you with, we will be at your service.

You will win this fight. Your heart is pure, your determination is unbreakable and your spirit often is compared to that of a Samurai. The bound that connects you to these children is strong and powerful.

You will win this fight because your name is Taro Yamamoto and your name alone inspires greatness.

You will win this fight because you know that failure is not an option.

You will win this fight because of the children.

Please take great care of yourself and be careful. Long live the children of Fukushima. Long live Japan.

Nelson Surjon and thousands of supporters”




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  1. Sue-Ellen Campbell

    Truly, a wonderful letter. We often forget that politians are people. They need to be told how we feel about the way they are representing us. He has done something extaordinary and shown the way for other like minded politians. It’s up to the Japanese people to ask the others why they didn’t to the same?


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