Thyroid cancers – The inconvenient truth

Thyroid cancers in Fukushima



  • In September 2012, the first case of thyroid cancer was diagnosed in a child out of 38 000 children.

Conclusion by Pr. Suzuki of the infamous Fukushima Medical University; « not related to the nuclear accident. It took 5 yrs in Chernobyl to see an increase in thyroid cancers » »




  • In February, new tests showed that 2 more children aged 18 and younger also were diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 7 more patients (guinea pigs) were suspected to have contracted similar form of the disease and that further testing was needed.

Note; 15 yrs old is the average age of those ten people, with seven being female. 

Conclusion by Pr. Suzuki of the infamous Fukushima Medical University; « not related to the nuclear accident. It took 5 yrs in Chernobyl to see an increase in thyroid cancers »




  • In May 2013, 9 more thyroid cancers were detected in children, bringing the number of cases to 12. 15 more patients (guinea pigs) are thought to also have contracted this form of the disease. The numbers were released as part of an ongoing investigation by the Fukushima Prefecture Board of Health.The investigation has examined about 174,000 adults and children from towns surrounding the crippled plant.

Conclusion by Pr. Suzuki of the infamous Fukushima Medical University; « not related to the nuclear accident. It took 5 yrs in Chernobyl to see an increase in thyroid cancers »



Among those aged 10 to 14 in Japan, thyroid cancer strikes about 1 to 2 in a million. That is prior 311. We are only 2 and a half years removed from the explosions in Daiichi.

The ongoing conclusion by Pr; Shinichi Suzuki and Dr. Shuinichi Yamashita on this increase in thyroid cancers stands with inaccurate or incomplete researches post Chernobyl. But there was no real official surveys made before early 90′s when former President Gorbatchev was forced to answer to the international community about the effects of radiation exposure and fall out of the 1986 nuclear catastrophe.

If we follow Suzuki and Yamashita’s logic, it would imply that children in Fukushima are getting sicker, quicker than in Chernobyl. I trust that these two clowns will quickly stop referring to early Chernobyl’s studies.

We can assume today that there are more cases than the Board of Health investigation has claimed due to weaknesses in their methodology, such as not accounting for migration, shady thyroid tests results and not bringing children with small nodules in to be reexamined.  i.e  Towns like Iwaki shi which is not included in the survey.

These surveys focus mostly on thyroid examinations. Unfortunately, many more cancers and other diseases could potentially be associated to this crisis in the near future (if it has not already). Only time will tell us how bad this situation will get. In the meantime, the children of Fukushima and Japan have become guinea pigs to a gang of selfish, greedy, corrupted to the bones, irresponsible mad men.




Last month, U.N. scientists and the criminally insane UNSCEAR  assessing the health impact of the Fukushima nuclear crisis said the radiation dose for residents in the region was much lower than Chernobyl and that they do not expect to see any increase in cancer in the future.

We implore you to help ! At least, please stay informed ! Thank you.




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Below are data collected by Satoru Kobayakawa

◆福島子ども調査:甲状腺がん12人に 2月より9人増
(毎日新聞 2013年06月05日 07時18分)





◆甲状腺がん「確定」12人に 福島18歳以下、疑いは15人
(2013年6月5日 14時35分 東京新聞)






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検討委員会では、県民全てを対象に実施している 基本調査のほか、事故当時18歳以下だった子どもに実施している「甲状腺検査」、避難区域などの住民に実施している「健康診査」と「こころの健康度・生活習慣に関する調査」。更に「妊産婦に関する調査」について報告が行われ、委員による検討が行われた。





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